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Skylight Installation Services

Today, a growing number of people in Canada appreciate the beauty and convenience of skylights. Adding this feature to a home or an office provides an inexpensive way to admit more natural light to the premises. It helps create more open and appealing living and work spaces.

Dependable Installation Services

Our firm performs reliable skylight installations. If you’ve decided to improve a residence or a commercial building in the Greater Windsor Area by adding one (or more) skylights, contact us for skilled services. We offer knowledgeable installation assistance at highly competitive rates!

Popular Reasons to Install a New Skylight

People request skylight installation services for a variety of reasons. A few of these considerations include:

  • Replacing an outdated or damaged skylight;
  • Infusing interiors with extra natural light;
  • Obtaining the ability to enjoy starscapes at night;
  • Supplying an emergency exterior access route for windowless interior rooms or corridors.
  • Why Skilled Skylight Installation Services Matter
Skylight Installation

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Today, a number of manufacturers market skylights for residential and business structures. Installing this improvement often proves challenging, particularly if a building does not already include design specifications for this feature. Customers potentially risk incurring damage to watertight roofs during the installation process. A leaking skylight can impose hefty future repair costs upon property owners.

By selecting an experienced, capable licensed roofing firm to provide this service, customers enjoy the best possible opportunity to obtain a useful, well-functioning building enhancement. Our company strives to render a superb level of customer assistance. We appreciate the vital importance of installing (or replacing) skylights and rooftop windows correctly.

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We would definitely recommend Select Roofing to our friends and family. They really go the extra mile to ensure you’re happy and the quality of work is stellar.

Steve, Amherstburg

We got quite a few quotes for a new shingled roof. Select Roofing wasn’t the cheapest quote we got, but they dealt with us very professionally and took the time to explain the process to us. We were really happy with the cleanliness and safety precautions taken by their crew and they did a fantastic job for us.

Sophia, LaSalle

We hired Select Roofing to replace our aging and leaking roof. The process was great right from the Start. Matt was very helpful, quoted us a very reasonable price and we felt confident moving forward. We were very happy with the work from Matt and his team!

Michelle, Windsor
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