Roofing Safety Guidelines

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Roofing Safety Guidelines

Working on rooftops is among the most dangerous jobs within the entire construction industry. Falling from a roof can cause significant injuries and even death. There are also a range of additional hazards that should be addressed with all roofing companies and their workers. While there’s always going to be a possibility of injury, Select Roofing follows essential safety guidelines to minimize risk for your roofing project.

Focus on Specialized Training

All our workers who are working on top of a roof  undergo specialized training for heights. This training also mandates using a fall protection device, and completing a “working at heights” program. This training is required for all crew working with such fall protection equipment as a safety belt, a work belt, a fall-arrest system, a safety net, a travel-restraint system, or a fall-restricting system.

Proof of training for each worker can be found via SkillsPass, or confirmation that’s provided by the Ministry of Labour. Full completion of this training program is valid for three years.

WSIB and Insurance

When working on any type of roofing project, a roofing company must have a WSIB insurance certificate as well as liability insurance to make sure that any issues that occur during the course of a project are covered. A WSIB insurance certificate is necessary in the event that a worker falls off the roof during a project your company is handling. Without this insurance certificate, you could be held liable for their injuries. However, the WSIB will compensate the injured worker for any medical bills and lost wages that occur no matter who was at fault for the accident.

As for liability insurance, this form of insurance is designed to cover the expenses related to any property damages or third-party injuries that take place during the roofing project. It’s recommended that all roofing companies have at least $1-2 million of liability insurance.


If possible, it’s also important to work primarily during good weather conditions to increase worker safety.

With these guidelines in mind, the workers completing your roofing job will be safe and trained to identify hazards while on the job.

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