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Residential Roofing Repairs

Roofing needs shouldn’t be taken lightly. The roof is a valuable protector that prevents mishaps, discomfort, and damages from occurring inside your home. The roof keeps the sun and harmful UV rays out of the house, creating a comfortable environment for the whole family. When damage occurs or as a preventative measure before trouble, give us a call for all of your roofing service needs. Delay a roof repair and the outcome may cost thousands of dollars, as well as tremendous frustrations.

Top-Quality Inspections

Is it time to replace the roof? Want a second opinion? Give us a call to schedule an inspection. One of our licensed roofing technicians will come to your home to evaluate the condition of the roof and determine the best steps to take to protect the roof and your wallet. Inspections are an important part of any roof service. We’ll gladly check out your roof to determine the extent of the trouble.

Residential Roof Repairs

Prevention is Key

Why wait until damage occurs to give us a call? We not only inspect roofs when there is damage but before it occurs. Preventing damage before it occurs prevents those sleepless nights of worry and wonder, as well as the expense of roof repairs. Our technician will inspect the roof, looking for signs of damage or wear and tear. At your request, we’ll repair damage and leave your roof in tip-top condition.

Expert Roof Repairs

Sometimes damage occurs despite your best efforts. Maybe the damage is the result of strong winds or a storm. Perhaps old age has simply worn out the roof. Whatever has caused the damage, our technicians quickly repair the fixture using quality parts and expertise. Roof repair is our top priority. We take every job seriously and offer expert repair for minor and major roof repair needs.

Free Roofing Estimates

Whether it’s time for repair, service, or replacement, request an estimate to learn the exact costs of your job. A written estimate prevents worry and wonder and allows comparisons with several companies ahead of hiring. Comparing costs reduces risks you’ll overpay for service -or find yourself stuck with the wrong provider.

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We would definitely recommend Select Roofing to our friends and family. They really go the extra mile to ensure you’re happy and the quality of work is stellar.

Steve, Amherstburg

We hired Select Roofing to replace our aging and leaking roof. The process was great right from the Start. Matt was very helpful, quoted us a very reasonable price and we felt confident moving forward. We were very happy with the work from Matt and his team!

Michelle, Windsor

We got quite a few quotes for a new shingled roof. Select Roofing wasn’t the cheapest quote we got, but they dealt with us very professionally and took the time to explain the process to us. We were really happy with the cleanliness and safety precautions taken by their crew and they did a fantastic job for us.

Sophia, LaSalle
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