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Flat Roofs for Commercial Buildings

Here in Windsor, ON, owners and builders of commercial buildings continuously look for ways to limit building expenses while delivering the best possible quality, commercial facility.

An area that receives particular attention in this endeavor is the building’s roofing system. The roof’s main function is to protect the entire structure. Our harsh winters increase the challenge to build with superior roofing while keeping costs at a minimum.

One type of roof more than meets this dual challenge of a top-quality roof at a more reasonable cost. Check out some of these advantages before deciding which roof your commercial building should have.

Quicker Installation

Ever try to walk and work on a steep pitched roof? Which is easier, a steep roof or a flat roof? The answer is obvious; flat roofs are much easier to work on. They are also a lot less dangerous.

Being able to work more quickly and efficiently means labor time saved. This is another money-saving consideration.

The labor costs are lower, the installation moves more quickly, and this means additional savings on construction costs. The customer gets a superior roof at a lower cost.

Commercial Flat Roof

Cheaper Upkeep and Maintenance

Additional savings will be recognized as the roof settles and ages. The owner will not spend money on shingles blown off during strong winds. Cleaning and maintenance costs are likewise cheaper and needed less often.

The scientifically engineered membrane used with these flat roofs is made to withstand the usual wear of constantly changing temperatures and weather changes.

Here again, repairs and cleaning are easier to do when they are needed. The owner realizes additional maintenance savings over the life of the roof.

Increased Top Floor Use

If your commercial building has a top floor, or at least part of a top floor, this flat roofing system more readily accommodates the available second story space use.

With gabled roofs, often second story use is limited because of the rafter angles that make up the gable. These rafters lean in and consume what would otherwise be usable interior building space.

If more of the building can be used, the owner has substantially increased productive work space for the business. This is yet another potential money-saving feature with flat roofs.

Usable Rooftop

Increasingly, rooftops are gaining use-popularity. They are getting makeovers with patio furniture and other furnishings. This makes them more of an integral part of the business conducted under them.

Rooftop gardens are likewise gaining fans, particularly amongst restaurants and other types of eatery establishments. Restaurants that have the available roof space to grow and serve fresh herbs and peppers on their roofs have a decided ‘freshness’ claim advantage.

Often, commercial building owners are looking for every opportunity to take advantage of every foot of available space within their buildings. Flat roof systems give an ever greater opportunity to fulfill that ambition.

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